Student Voices: Eight Gen Z Teens Share Their Plans for Life After High School

Today’s high schoolers are embracing a wide variety of education and career pathways as they look to their future. To gain a deeper understanding of their plans, we gathered a group of students to share their hope and dreams, concerns and thoughts about the future.

Student Voices
Eight high school students share their thoughts about their future education and career pathways.

Student Voices: Meet Shawn
Shawn is a future electrician who is passionate about going to trade school to reach his dreams.

Student Voices: Meet Miriam
Mariam is a high school senior who is focused on using her voice and storytelling to reach her professional goals.

Student Voices: Meet Lee
Lee is a high school junior and artist who believes education will build a foundation for their future.

Student Voices: Meet Naomi
Naomi is a high school sophomore who is pursuing her dreams to be both a D1 athlete and a pilot.

Student Voices: Meet Olivia
Olivia is a high school junior and performer who struggles with the pressure to go to college.

Student Voices: Meet Emmett
Emmett is a high school senior planning a gap year to pursue his interests before starting college.

Student Voices: Meet Ricky
Ricky is a future therapist pursuing a military pathway to help him reach his professional goals.

Student Voices: Meet Sam
Sam is a high schooler looking to match his passion for dance with a cosmetology career.