77% of teens want to follow their own education path. We’re here to help them do it.

Question The Quo is powered by ECMC Group, a Minneapolis-based nonprofit with a mission to help students succeed by creating, providing and financially supporting advancements in postsecondary education.

ECMC Group developed the Question The Quo campaign to empower high school students to explore the various postsecondary education options available and take the path that's right for them. Grounded in the results of national surveys conducted in partnership with VICE Media, Question The Quo encourages teens to evaluate education beyond high school while considering cost, parental and role model influences, and societal norms.

ECMC Group has conducted seven national Question The Quo Education Pulse Surveys:

  • The first survey of 1,177 high school students was conducted February 25-March 2, 2020
  • The second survey of 1,025 high school students was conducted May 14-20, 2020
  • The third survey of 1,001 high school students was conducted January 4-19, 2021
  • The fourth survey of 1,052 high school students was conducted September 20-Oct. 3, 2021
  • The fifth survey of 1,062 high school students was conducted January 23-Feb. 11, 2022
  • The sixth survey of 1,020 low-income, first-generation and BIPOC students was conducted October 11-25, 2022
  • The seventh survey of 1,002 high school students was conducted January 9-19, 2023

The national surveys gathered insights from teens ages 14-18 to uncover how high school students are thinking about and planning for their future education and careers amidst an ever-changing environment.

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